Second Calling is a unique East Bay band, formed by experienced musicians who found a renewed passion in creating music as life slowed a bit on other fronts.

The blend of music spans decades and is rooted in bluegrass, with additional songs and influences coming from country, folk, gospel, Celtic, and Western swing. Performances are held at a variety of venues throughout the Bay Area, including restaurants, farmers' markets, festivals, and private events.

The members all live in central Contra Costa County with roots in the Diablo Valley. They come from diverse professional backgrounds including science, engineering, legal, energy, and IT. They also have a diverse geographic heritage, with years lived throughout the United States. The combination of these backgrounds provides a unique blend of styles which is sure to please any audience as they tap their toes and sing along to familiar favorites.


Joe Clement plays guitar, sings lead and harmony, and has written several songs in the Second Calling lineup.


Barbara Clement plays guitar, dobro, sings leads and harmony, and is generally kept busy with keeping Joe in line.


Bob Sheehan plays lead and rhythm guitar, and also sings lead and harmony.


Paul Warren plays the mandolin, sings lead and harmony, and provides his wizardry for the band's sound system.


Stu Harris always keeps the rhythm going with his upright bass.


Marian Harris plays the fiddle, as well as sings lead and harmony on many songs.


Keith Halvorson brings the traditional sound of bluegrass to life with his driving five string banjo.